L.A.-based Creative Art Director and Designer specializing in entertainment.


American Conspiracy: The Octopus Murder.

— Product creative art direction for a thrilling conspiracy documentary about computers and the CIA.



— Product creative art direction for Kevin Hart's action-packed international intrigue featuring Jean Reno.


Queer Eye.

— Key Art for Queer Eye season 8, the beloved Fab Five are back in town.


Pedro El Colita.

— Invited by jazz musician Pedro El Colita to develop a complete set of artworks for his upcoming album and singles.


White Noise.

— I was trusted to develop and compose the product creative assets for Noah Baumbach's excellent philosophical film White Noise starring Adam Driver, Greta Gerwig, and Don Cheadle.


You People.

— Product creative assets development for Jonah Hill and Eddie Murphy's family dramedy in sunny LA.


Luckiest Girl Alive.

Netflix's product creative assets development for this Mila Kunis unsettling psychological thriller.



— Character Key Art development for this Netflix period romantic drama film based on Jane Austen's novel starring Dakota Johnson.


Along For The Ride.

— Poster explorations and creative assets development for Netflix's coming-of-age romance/drama young adult film starring Emma Pasarow and Belmont Cameli.


Juan Ernesto Velásquez.

— Jazz musician Juan Ernesto Velásquez invited me to develop a complete set of artworks for the online release of his albums and singles of instrumental, guitar lead, and meditative instrumental compositions.



— A lot of fun behind the product creative assets development for this Netflix Brazilian series about five unlikely friends trying to solve a murder mystery.


Hello, Goodbye, And Everything In Between.

— I had the chance to explore some rom-com '80s-inspired film posters for this should-I-stay or should-I-go young adult film starring Talia Ryder and Jordan Fisher.


Ipanema Girls Season 2.

— Bossa Nova, the '50s, and three energetic women ruling the world. I enjoyed creating multiple product assets for the new season's launch.


Selena The Series.

— As part of the team entrusted to develop the product creative assets for this series about the indisputable GOAT Latin Icon, I had the chance to explore fame-glitter-inspired artworks and family portraits with a vintage touch.


Good Morning Veronica.

— Art direction explorations for this Brazilian suspense thriller about a womanizer serial killer who happens to be a cop.


Taco Chronicles.

— Product creative assets development for the second installment of this well-known Netflix food-porn series, traveling around Mexico to discover its exciting flavors and culture.


Tall Girl Season 2.

— Glitter, spotlights, and type explorations for this well-known series's second season, navigating high school's hard days.

Señor Sol.

— I had the pleasure and fun to co-direct and co-produce this PSA for Grid Alternatives, a solar energy company from California. It won the Grand Prix at the ADCAN Awards and was featured in Fast Company, David Reviews, and Little Black Book.



— One of the first commissions developed for Netflix Product Creative Studio. Four young girls drive across Mexico to find their inner strength. Collage and some old punk-fanzine touch.


El Dragon Season 2.

— Production creative assets development for this post-modern story about a sicario that happens to be some samurai. A mixture of collage and ink-love textures.


Christmas With You.

— Key art exploration for Freddy Prinze Jr's comeback film. A wholehearted musical Christmas story with a Latin flavor.



— As part of the team at Someform Studio, I had the chance to explore and create the 3D imagery for BCG’s brand identity, but even more so with a proposal to change how final clients can utilize design systems.


Oogum Boogum.

— Brand exploration for German Music and Audio Studio.

No Pain, No Gain.

— Commissioned by Comedy Central, I partnered with Eloisa Iturbe Studio to ideate and execute a series of on-air IDs inspired by silent films and physical comedy as part of the channel's new image. They were aired all over the world!


— In 2010, three LatAm countries commemorated their independence simultaneously. Mtv Networks wanted to celebrate the event. I partnered with production house Gula to ideate and execute a trilogy of IDs based on LatAm countries' struggles to become nations. The pieces worked as a unity but also as standalone pieces. It won Gold at the Promax/BDA Awards in the Best Identity Campaign and Program Packaging categories.


— Commisioned by Mtv Networks, this was my last collaboration with the brand before parting ways. I was trusted to ideate the opening sequence for their young-adult drama Popland, where a group of frenemies chase their 15 minutes of fame. It was a lot of fun shooting it, and it won Gold for Best Show Open at the Promax/BDA Awards.


— I partnered with the good friends of Estudio Ronda to direct and create a contemplative show open for an Mtv music video show based on (back in the day) MSM texts to share messages on screen past midnight. It went on to win Bronze as Best Show Open at the Promax/BDA Awards in 2008.


— Commissioned by Mtv Networks I partnered with 3D artist Marcos Girado to direct and create a weird organism made of polygonal shapes and organic elements as part of the concept for a music video show. The project went on to win Gold for Best Show Open at the Promax/BDA Awards in 2008.


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